Monday, 7 October 2013


This is the affirmation I composed for myself for National Breastfeeding Week this year:

I am so happy and grateful that my amazing body instinctively and automatically knows how to create, nurture, protect, nourish AND BIRTH my beautiful, healthy children.
Up until recently, I had no idea what affirmations actually were.  I had heard of them, read about them and even used them in different situations.  I certainly thought I knew what they were, but my experience of being in labour with my son and our subsequent CBAC demonstrated that I clearly had no idea whatsoever what  affirmations really are and how to use them.  I thought that listening to some affirmations on a CD once or twice a day was going to somehow fill my mind with new and wonderful ideas about myself, my body and my ability to give birth and that this would give me the self-belief and the sense of calm I needed to make my VBAC dreams come true.

No.  Just no.

The CD's were a great idea and a good start, especially for someone like me who needs alot of help and guidance when it comes to relaxing.  Relaxing was not a skill I had ever taken the time to develop properly.  However, relaxing and hypnosis CD's are only a beginning.  I have learned through various sources which I have been reading and studying over the past year or so that if you are going to change your subconscious programming and habitual beliefs and behaviours you are going to have to devote an enormous amount of time and energy and effort to the repetition of these affirmations.  You are also going to have to practice an enormous amount of visualisation - detailed mental pictures of what it will look like when you achieve your goal - with which you become emotionally involved.  Now, I practice thinking with every single chance I get.  At a red light?  Practice affirmations.  Putting the kids to sleep?  Practice visualisations.  In the shower?  Practice, practice, practice.  A hundred times a day or more, whenever I can remember to do them, I am practicing thinking properly.  I am changing my mind and my habitual thought patterns, and I am happier every day because of it.  It is the most powerful thing I have ever learned in terms of contributing to a positive quality of life.  Please stay tuned, because over the next while I am going to be sharing all the wonderful sources of this information about the mind right here on this blog in hopes that it can help you to achieve your goals and change your life, too.  

"We become what we think about."   ~Earl Nightingale

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