Sunday, 14 September 2014

Expecting Joy

It is definitely past time I started telling the world about our baby joy . . . I am now 21 weeks pregnant with Baby Number 3 and could not be more over the moon!  Everything has been progressing perfectly and peacefully, exactly as I dreamed and expected.  I am quite truly on a high.  Nothing can distract me from the pure bliss of carrying this new life within me.  I called to this baby and asked him/her to come and make our family complete, and now this tiny soul has arrived!  Nothing else matters.

We officially started "ttc" around Halloween 2013 and were successful in April of this year, so thankfully it did not take us very long.  In fact, I learned for future reference that perhaps the most effective form of natural birth control discovered to date must be parenthood itself, as having two small children to look after often interrupted, delayed or altogether prevented the "ttc"ing from happening in the first place!  Nevertheless, we have been very fortunate and blessed to welcome the presence of this new little being into our lives.  How exciting to be feeling all of these delightful taps, stretches and turns from within again!  It is a sensation that never gets old and is altogether beyond the humdrum everyday.  It is simply thrilling.

For anyone else who is trying to attract a new baby into their family, I've attached below some of the videos I was watching and listening to during that special pre-conception period to ready my mind and body for our baby and to prepare a positive mental state for pregnancy.  They are all completely free and can be found on YouTube.  I hope that others might find them helpful and that they might give hope and joy to other couples on their conception journeys.

In this short meditation, powerful affirmations combine with unforgettable images and ethereal music to create a soulful piece that inspires gratitude, optimism and deep joy.  Although I have never suffered from PCOS as did the author of this video, I have had a few miscarriages.  I know what it is like to feel that my body let me down and to lose faith in my body's ability to create and house a new baby, only to   heal and re-establish a loving connection with my womb and to become a mother of two gorgeous, healthy children.  The same author has also published a Womb Prayer Meditation on YouTube, which does not deal specifically with conception issues but addresses a woman's need to honour, love and be thankful for her womb and all it does to care for and sustain her throughout life.  She triumphantly declares that her wombstory is not about what happened to her, but what happened for her.  Love it.

Maybe it's my East Coast roots talking here, but I like Bex and her simple, down to earth approach to meditation and spirituality.  What she does feels very relaxed and genuine, and she has a very accessible girl-next-door quality that may suit people like me for whom meditation can be challenging or intimidating.  She helped me to find the words I wanted to say to our future child, which created a loving bond between us even before conception.  It also enabled me to develop trust in my body and in my baby in an easy, natural way.  I knew that my baby was on the way because I had already connected with him/her.  I felt confident knowing that it was only a matter of time rather than feeling stressed and under pressure to conceive as I have experienced previously.

A wonderful collection of reassuring, comforting and energizing affirmations broken down into categories, such as Affirmations to Release Mental Blocks, Affirmations for Lifestyle Changes and Affirmations for Manifesting a Baby.  You can't help but feel empowered and surrounded by positive, supportive energy.  View regularly!  

Quite simply, I love this woman's soothing, hypnotic voice and could listen to her all day and night!  This piece really helped me to visualize my womb as a healthy, warm, welcoming environment that was ready to nurture and grow a new baby.  It also helped me to reframe the process of conception in a more spiritual way.  Conception is not a bodily function to be controlled and mastered by the intellect.  Of course, we may chart our cycles, measure Basal body temperatures and even sometimes need to look for help in the form of fertility treatments depending on our individual situations.  However, in essence conception is not forcing or insisting.  It is an opening - physically, emotionally and spiritually - to the universal life force which is forever flowing within and without us.  We open up to possibility, to love.  It is not seizing control but giving it away to another power.  This meditation really helped me to tune into that life force and that opening and to trust that my baby would come when s/he knew that the time was right.

I also frequently listened to Maggie Howell's "Prepare to Conceive" CD, which is a part of her Natal Hypnotherapy range.  Like Debbie Williams in the video above, she has a voice which to me is simply made for encouraging a relaxed, hypnotic state.  The recording is about 25 minutes long and not only includes powerful and comforting visualizations but also stirs and nurtures the feelings of self-love and healing needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle which is conducive to conception.  I bought mine on

Best wishes to everyone who is waiting for a new little miracle to bless their lives!

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