Saturday, 14 December 2013

Louise Hay's Affirmations for Childbirth

Happy weekend to all!!!  

Just wanted to post these beautiful and powerful birth affirmations, written by Louise Hay, for anyone who might benefit from a little bit of positive energy and inspiration today.  

This is for all you lovely ladies who will be giving birth soon.


My baby and I live in a harmonious world.

We are both totally in tune with the rhythm and flow of life.
Birthing is a normal and natural part of life, and we will make the process easy 

for each other.
Our love for each other erases any fears that may come up.
We breathe together in perfect harmony.
My pelvis opens in perfect Divine right order.
Baby and I surrender to the process in ecstasy.
We have time to relax, to let go and to even nap, it is all perfect, even 

When it is time to push, the raw power within me will exert itself, and my baby 

will slide out with ease.
All is well, we are both safe, all is well, we are both loved by Life.

Louise Hay

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