Monday, 20 January 2014

Welcome, 2014!

"You should just be thankful that you have a healthy baby.  That's all that matters."  

The witch hunt is on.

The medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies are considered sacrosanct in our culture.  Anyone who dares to question or criticize their wild fantasies is branded a heretic, and VBAC moms in particular are labeled selfish mothers who have poor judgment for supposedly endangering the lives of their infants and putting their own desire for "an experience" ahead of the welfare of their child.  When we actually look at the scientific research, however, it is so obvious that widespread misconceptions about uterine rupture which are being perpetuated by the medical community and passed on by well-intentioned but uninformed people should really be relegated to the land of the dragons and trolls.  At the same time, equally false assumptions and assertions about the safety of the caesarean operation relative to VBAC continue to spread like wildfire.  Far from being the domain of the curious mind and a search for the truth, science and technology have become a religion.  We worship the holy men and women in the white coats, allowing them to pump us full of narcotics and toxic vaccines and butcher our mothers, and then we hail them as our saviors.  As caesarean moms, society and protocol demand that we kiss the ground they walk on, offer everlasting thanks to them for delivering our babies to us safe and sound against all odds, and curse our vile, ill-functioning bodies and Creation itself publicly for their inability to bring forth new life as they were designed to do.

Welcome, 2014!  This is truly going to be The Year of Shakti (Empowerment) for our family.  I hope it will be for yours, too.  We perceive the world through the eyes of the divine mother Kali Ma, and with her wisdom, dignity and strength we are able to see through samsara, the world of illusion, to a life free from slavery to the fears and demons which have been invented to keep us prostrate to the powers that be.  Happy New Year, indeed.  Happy New Life!

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